NICODOM IR Inorganics Volume I - Minerals 

Volume 1 of the infrared spectral library book "NICODOM IR Inorganics" presents 600 FTIR spectra of minerals (spectral range 4000-400cm-1). The spectra are shown in transmittance scale (%T). The source of the samples chosen for this volume from the available collection of more than 2.000 minerals was National Museum in Prague, Czech Republic. The identity of most minerals was verified by X-ray diffraction analysis.

Minerals are inorganic compounds or mixtures of natural origin. The spectra exhibit typical inorganic spectral features dependent on atomic masses, interatomic forces and molecular geometry and bands of typical impurities like calcite or quartz and products of alteration and exsolution or water which can be present in fluid inclusions. This group of compounds can be interesting for inorganic chemist when artificially prepared compounds should be compared with natural ones but more likely this will be used in mineralogy to identify unknown minerals. For all available minerals several information are included.

Mineralogical name was taken from literature /2/, the spelling was compared with literature /1/ and corrected. Diacritical marks were not included, umlauts are presented e.g. ü = ue. For new minerals, which were not found in literature /1/, the published names were taken. Similar method was taken for chemical formulas and crystal structure. In cases where different chemical formulas could be found in different sources, the formulas from literature /1/ were taken.

Occurence of the studied minerals and the information about color was taken from reference literature /2/. Occurence might be of interest as infrared spectra of the same minerals from different localities can be different due to different impurities.

Transmittance spectra were collected. This is optimal in most cases as transmittance spectra are easier to interpret and better reproducible, however this could be a limitation when the library should be used for cases where only reflectance spectra can be applied e.g. for solving remote sensing problems or for very rare minerals where nondestructive analytical methods must be applied. Transmittance and reflectance spectra may differ due to scattering effects.

This library is available as printed book or scanned book (*.pdf file).

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