NICODOM IR Inorganics - Volume III: Inorganics


Volume 3 of the infrared spectral library book "NICODOM IR Inorganics"   contains 698 FTIR spectra (spectral range 4000-400cm-1) of classical inorganic compounds, like (in alphabetical order) carbonates, chlorides, hydroxides, hyphophosphites, molybdene polyacids, nitrates, oxides, perchlorates, phosphates, phosphotungstates, selenates, selenites, sulphates, sulphites, thiocyanates and many other. Furthermore complexes of Ag, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, Ir, La, Mg, Mn, Mo, Nd, Ni, Os, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru, Tb, Ti, VO and Zn with inorganic and organic ligands, organometalic compounds (mostly of Si and Sn), salts of organic acids (like acetates, citrates, oxalates, tartarates) and some zeolites are included. For most compounds further information like chemical name, molecular formula, measurement technique, color and other supporting information (like poison characteristics, solubility, crystal structure) are available. Spectral range 4000-400cm-1. The spectra are shown in transmittance scale (%T). 

663 compounds were collected as KBr pellets (solids) or just applied between two KBr windows (liquids). In cases where the samples were expected to change their composition in KBr pellets they were collected as nujol mulls (in 35 cases). In those cases mostly both KBr pellet and nujol mull spectra are presented to enable studying differences. Nujol mulls spectra have a note "nujol mull" in their "Name".

To reach more systematic alphabetic order of the compound list, the compounds are sorted by the most significant structural motive, which is usually the anion (e.g. "sulphate potassium" instead of common "potassium sulphate"). This allows to find all available sulphates, oxides, carbonates etc. together, while the standard nomenclature would put all potassium salts together, the latter being less suitable as potassium ion has weak influence on the look of the infrared spectrum.

This library is available as printed book or scanned book (*.pdf file).

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NICODOM IR Inorganics, 1803 IR spectra of inorganics

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