NICODOM IR Inorganics- Volume IV - Commercial Materials and Analytical Agents 


Volume 4 of the infrared spectral library book "NICODOM IR Inorganics" consists of 209 FTIR spectra (spectral range 4000-400cm-1). The spectra are shown in transmittance scale (%T). It is separated in two parts. 

FTIR spectra of 117 organic indicators and agents as a representative selection from over 200 available compounds used for inorganic analysis were collected. For most compounds their type (like analytical agent, indicator acid-base, adsorption, fluorescence, mercurometric, metallochromic, redox) commonly used name (like Xylenol Orange), chemical formula, color, color change in solution, and basic application (e.g. Zn titration) are included.

Further 92 spectra of inorganic commercial materials, like cements, ceramics, clay, glass, porcelain, raw materials for ceramics, tiles etc. are presented in this volume. Chemical composition of those materials is mostly based on silicates or aluminosilicates. The presented chemical composition is only approximate. For most samples their type, name with comment about their qualities, approximate chemical composition and origin is available.


 This library is available as printed book or scanned book (*.pdf file).

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NICODOM IR Inorganics, 1803 IR spectra of inorganics

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