NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit


For Kidney Stone Analysis by FTIR NICODOM Ltd. offers two different products:

NICODOM IR Kidney Stones 1668 spectra – this is a spectral library of Kidney Stones, compatible with most spectroscopic software packages and operating systems. For description of the NICODOM IR Kidney Stones 1668 spectra click here.

NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit - combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, kidney stone guide, only compatible with Thermo OMNIC SEARCH software (Nicolet FTIR spectrometers) and 32 bit operating systems.

NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit

The „NICODOM Kidney Stones Analysis Kit“ software package has been created by spectroscopists and medical doctors to allow semiautomated analysis of kidney stones using Thermo (Nicolet) FTIR spectrometers with OMNIC software. This software will not work without OMNIC software. OMNIC software can be purchased thru the Thermo representative in you country, we cannot deliver the OMNIC software.

Technical requirements. „NICODOM Kidney Stones Analysis Kit“  is an older software, last update was done 2006. This software will only run with 32 bit operating systems. It has been tested with Win 10/32bit. It will not run with 64 bit systems. This software was optimized for OMNIC 6. It still runs with OMNIC 9 but some settings must be done manually and some features do not work properly. This software is NOT compatible with OMNIC Paradigm. If you have OMNIC version higher than OMNIC 6.0 than please only order if you accept that this software was optimized for OMNIC 6 and that for higher OMNIC versions we do not provide support.

For newer Thermo FTIR systems we strongly recommend to order NICODOM IR Kidney Stones 1668 spectra which is a spectral library of Kidney Stones, compatible with all OMNIC versions and operating systems.

The NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit  consists of three parts.


This approach is not new and allows analyzing samples by less qualified personal. The library of about 800 spectra allows analysis with +- 10% accuracy (error of 10-15 % is without clinical relevance). This accuracy varies for different mixtures, best results (error less than 5%) were reached for major components in concentration range of 30-70%. As far as no peak shifts were observed comparing spectra of pure components with those of real mixtures, spectra of conceivable mixtures were created by combination of pure components. On the other hand, pure kidney stones must have been used, because their infrared spectra differ from those of mineralogically or chemically pure substances. For example each real urinary concrement contains a low content of unknown "matrix". "Matrix" contains mostly organic components, that is why the SEARCH operation in the region of 2900 - 3100 cm-1 can fail and thus searching in finger print region is recommended.


A combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis is used. The content of a component is calculated from the match values of search result using a coded library of over 18.000 spectra and special algorithms. This type of analysis rejects other than kidney stones spectra, corrects or rejects distorted spectra and has improved accuracy. Spectra of common artifacts, drug and rare stones are included. All results include reliability factor of the analysis and can be stored with the spectrum. Visual comparison of the sample spectrum with the theoretical spectrum is also an important feature. 212 spectra files of real stones (found in human kidney) and 23 spectra files of major pure components are also included as examples to demonstrate capabilities of the software.

Examples of result windows (advanced analysis):



This part of the kit includes additional information about the kidney stones components. Interpreted infrared spectra of stones and pure chemicals are included. Its Raman spectrum, picture of the stone, other methods of chemical analysis (qualitative, semiquantitative, quantitative), causes and occurrence of the component, optical properties, table of peaks, structural formula and other information is also included.

This guide also gives to the chemists a brief information about medical aspects of kidney stone analysis, like diagnosis and therapy.


You can choose what information you want to display for the investigated stone (Whewellite as example):

Each type of information displays in a separate window

All information about one stone displayed as "cascade"





The spectra were collected and software has been tested with KBr pellets transmission spectra. If your sampling method is ATR or diffuse reflectance, the NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit will still deliver acceptable results under following conditions:

- Your spectra should be collected with quality comparable to transmission spectra (noise, spectral range, sample thickness, humidity…)

- Your spectra should be corrected  (baseline correction, ATR correction, Kubelka-Munk correction, those corrections are usually part of your software)

Please refer to ATR or diffuse reflectance theory to understand limitations of those sampling methods.

Note that today most laboratories use ATR or diffuse reflectance sampling technique and they use NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit without problems.



For more information also view the article as pdf file:

Download promo material:

Download Kidney Stone Analysis Kit Users Guide:

This software package requires Thermo (Nicolet) OMNICTM software being installed on your computer.

To download the list of spectra from this library, to download a free demo library compatible with your software, to check the format compatibility as well as for pricelist, ordering info and information about all NICODOM IR/NIR Libraries and other NICODOM products please visit our webpage.




NICODOM Kidney Stone Analysis Kit

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