NICODOM NIR Chemical library - 2502 spectra


This collection consists of 2.502 FT-NIR spectra of organic and inorganic compounds. The choice of samples has been done in cooperation with TU in Prague. The spectra were collected on Nicolet FT-NIR spectrometers, resolution 4 cm-1, spectral range 4.000-10.000 cm-1 = 2.5-1.0 micrometers = 2500-1000 nm. For all compounds a category, chemical name, molecular formula, molecular weight, and purity is available. Most of the spectra were collected by integrating sphere in glass vials while transparent liquids were collected in glass cuvette by transmittance. The spectra are printed in logarithmic (absorbance or log 1/R) units.

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The compounds are sorted in categories:


Category name (number of spectra in collection):


5-Membered aromatic heterocycles (1-68)

5-Membered fused aromatic heterocycles (69-110)

6-Membered aromatic heterocycles (111-183)

6-Membered fused aromatic heterocycles (184-214)

Alkynes (215-218)

Aromatic acid halides and salts (219-223)

Aromatic alcohols and phenols (224-291)

Aromatic aldehydes (292-318)

Aromatic amides (318-371)

Aromatic amines (372-466)

Aromatic amino acids and acid salts (467-485)

Aromatic anhydrides (486-493)

Aromatic carboxylic acids (494-552)

Aromatic esters and lactones (553-602)

Aromatic ethers (603-612)

Aromatic halogenated hydrocarbons (613-638)

Aromatic hydrocarbons (639-670)

Aromatic ketones (671-728)

Aromatic mercaptans and sulfides (729-731)

Aromatic nitriles (732-741)

Aromatic nitro and nitroso compounds (742-797)

Aromatic phosphorus compounds (798-815)

Aromatic sulfur-oxygen compounds (816-879)

Inorganics (886-1090)

Non-aromatic acid halides and salts (1091-1185)

Non-aromatic alcohols (1186-1269)

Non-aromatic aldehydes (1270-1284)

Non-aromatic amides (1285-1362)

Non-aromatic amines (1363-1454)

Non-aromatic amino acids (1455-1523)

Non-aromatic anhydrides (1524-1533)

Non-aromatic carboxylic acids (1534-1617)

Non-aromatic esters and lactones (1618-1738)

Non-aromatic ethers; acetals and epoxides (1739-1792)

Non-aromatic halogenated hydrocarbones (1793-1844)

Non-aromatic hydrocarbons (1845-1879)

Non-aromatic ketones (1880-1923)

Non-aromatic mercaptanes and sulfides (1924-1931)

Non-aromatic nitriles (1932-1958)

Non-aromatic nitro and nitroso compounds (1959-1969)

Non-aromatic phosphorus compounds (1970-1991)

Non-aromatic sulfur-oxygen compounds (1992-2008)

Non-metallic inorganics (2009-2016)

Organometallic compounds and complexes (2017-2192)

Oximes (2193-2234)

Polyalcohols and sugars (2235-2323)

Polymers (2324-2331)

Schiff bases; azobenzenes; indicators (2332-2467)

Silanes (2468-2488)

Steroids and indole alkaloids (2489-2502)


NICODOM NIR Chemical Library, 2502 NIR spectra of chemicals

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