NIR Pharmaceuticals Spectral Library (1340 spectra)



The near infrared spectral library "IS NIR Pharma, Drugs" contains 1340 NIR spectra of active substances and excipients used in pharmaceutical industry collected in the spectral range from 4.200 cm-1 (=2.3 microns) to 11.000 cm-1 (= 0.9 microns).

"IS NIR Pharma, Drugs" is a sublibrary of "IS NIR Complete Collection (6049 spectra)".

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“IS NIR Pharmaceutical"  library is available as searchable digital library compatible with your spectroscopic software.

The spectra were collected by ThermoNicolet FTNIR spectrometer AntarisTM, the powders were collected in glass vials on Integrating sphere module, transparent liquids were collected in transmittance or with a transflectance mirror.

The basic version of this spectral library is available as book and consists of 385 near infrared spectra.





The FT-NIR  spectroscopy (typical spectral range 11.000 - 4.000 cm-1  or 0.9 - 2.5 microns) shows several advantages compared to FT-IR.  FT-NIR spectroscopy does not need any sample preparation, it allows to collect sample spectra even without unpacking through a glass vial or polymer packaging. The influence of sample humidity on the spectrum quality is lower.

The NIR spectra look different from MIR spectra, usually they have broad bands which do not correspond directly to a functional group of the studied molecule (overtones or combination bands). The baseline shape by lower wavenumbers (6.000 - 4.000 cm-1) is characteristic and reproducible for each compound (when it has similar crystalinity and particle size). The baseline slope by higher wavenumbers (11.000 - 9.000 cm-1) is characteristic for dark or color samples, while white samples usually do not show this feature. From this reason baseline correction was not done by the presented spectra.

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This library is available as digital searchable library compatible with your spectroscopic software. Also it can be delivered with SEARCH software or in *.pdf format.

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IS NIR Pharma, Drugs, 1340 NIR spectra of pharmaceuticals

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