NICODOM IR Oils and Lubricants (1038 IR transmission + 538 ATR spectra)

The FTIR spectral library book "NICODOM IR Oils and Lubricants" includes 1038 + 538 FTIR spectra of lubricants and oils. It has been created in coooperation with oil chemistry experts with the idea of enabling semiautomatic identification of unknown oil sample by FT-IR spectroscopy. The library is routinely used by oil manufacturers, oil users and in govermental or enviromental type of laboratories.

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This library is available as book a scanned book (*.pdf file). The digital searchable version is distributed exclusively by Thermo representative in your region.

Typical samples included in this library are different kinds of oils (anticorrosion, compressor, electroinsulating, emulsifying, gear, hydraulic, machinery, metal cutting, motor, natural, silicone, steam cylinder, turbine, special...), fuels and greases. Most of those samples are mixtures of base oil and additives. As the refining additives are typical for each category and have different chemical composition, their presence leads to differences in FT-IR spectra of different kinds of oils and lubricants.

The documentation coming with the library allows simple identification but also advanced spectral intepretation of oil spectra. The documentation includes a brief description of each sample category, table of typical absorption bands in base oils, table of common oil additives together with their chemical formulas and characteristic absorption bands. Table of characteristic bands of synthetic oils and additives is also included. Furthermore, some advices of search regions, spectral processing and sample preparation are given.

Two sampling techniques were applied by creating the library: transmission technique (1038 spectra) and ATR technique (538 spectra).

The transmission spectra have higher absorption coefficients and emphasize weaker bands in finger print region, which are typically due to refining additives that are characteristic for each product. The hydrocarbon bands between 3050-2800 and 1450-1380 cm-1 are blanked for most products.

The ATR spectra show also the hydrocarbon bands, but the absorption in finger print region is lower.


Figure 1: Example transmission and ATR spectrum (bottom) of the same oil sample (AGIP Super Motor Oil F.1. 15W50)

The digital library include text fields for compound name, type, origin and comments (if this information is available)

Compound name - This field contains the product´s commercial name or other commonly used name. A viscosity rating is also given for some products that are classified as "motor oil" .

Origin - The Origin field gives the name of the manufacturer or country of origin

Type - This field indicates the product´s classification (motor oil, gear oil etc.)

Comment - The comment field contains additional product information, such as the product´s composition, performance rating, viscosity, etc.

Examples of the text fields:

Compound name




MOBIL Etna Oil SS Light


special oil

for textile machines

NYCO grease 37



for aircraft

PENNZOIL Biocycle synthetic 2


motor oil

stroke racing oil

QUAKER Chemulgol


steam cylinder oil

for rolling emulsions

SHELL Aero Turbine Oil 555


turbine oil

for aircraft, military use


This library is available as printed book or scanned book (*.pdf file).

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NICODOM IR Oils and Lubricants, 1038+538 IR spectra of oils and lubricants

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